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The Team: :iconwolftaildark: & :icondogrunner: Buds Forever!

Hi! Im Haley or Dogrunner.
You could just call me derpface, Haley if you want, doggie (not doggy.),dogrunner, dog, runner, D.R., or anything else, be creative, it makes me happy. C:
My "sona"-ish character is BeanieCee, or Beanie for short (she goes by many nicknames, beanieboo, bea, bean, beanabob, cee, ect) She is a pembroke welsh corgi with a design that I love. She has a puppy spunk to her that gives her that swing in her step, she is open to all.
I'm living the summer up, and then I am off to Ediboro, PA for college. In which I'll be majoring in animation.
I adore listening Frank Sinatra and any other swing music i can find.
And Justin Timberlake, and the Gatsby soundtrack.
I Love to swing dance at the colleges club and it's lots and lots of fun. And I go to some big events that I travel for, if you go, call me up. Maybe we'll run into eachother!
I was a senior this previous year, but I'm back to being a freshy come fall!!
My art had recently began to take a turn for the better, yet another style improvement is underway, and I am so excited to see where it goes.
Well, thats all i have to say, so yup.

p.s. i try to stay optimistic, and im very sarcastic. C:

Tea stamp by Rainbowpaintbrush101
The Great Gatsby by hounded
Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle
We can't take an airplane
Where we're going is way too high
I got the windows special tinted for the stars that get too bright
And I saved you a seat,
 so let's ride.

Oh hey there neighbor, it's been a while since we last talked. Seriously though, I'm going to try to stay more active here and at least submit sketches and stuff. You guys are all so wonderful, I miss chatting with you.
Remember a year ago when I had finally made the decision to make a fursuit? Ha. Turns out its a lot harder than I thought. Especially when Im trying to stay inconspicuous to my parents. Getting fabric would just be a pain... SO i finally have made the decision to commission someone who knows what they are doing. THUS, my sudden urge to make money. I have a part-time job but after the holidays it's so slow they barely need me so I was getting antsy with just sitting around.
So reminder for those who may not have seen! I've OPENED sketch commissions (sorry I didn't bring my tablet home... im slapping myself for it!)
If interested go here:…
And I have spunky adopts available. (just a question, do you think $15 is too high? Does $10-12 sound better? I've never done this before)
Anyhow, they are here: 

Back to the exciting news! IM GONNA COMMISSION FOR A FURSUIT. Starting small since Ill be paying for it by myself, I'm gonna go for a partial. I've got some money already saved up, I'd say 3/4 saved. 
And it's going to be of a new character! WHAT? NO BEA? Yeah.. we are going to wait for her. Not to mention their was a huge flood of corgis recently and I want to be a hipster and stay original. hehehe. Maybe ill post a sketched out ref of the new lady. She is very fun. I can't wait 'til you meet her. 

But yes. I dont know why but I felt obligated to explain to you guys why all of a sudden I was going stuff for money. I doubt you noticed... I was just feeling self conscious. Ha. Anyhow, it feels good to be back. I MISSED YOU LOVIES!


P.s. My first semester of college has been GREAT!

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thank you so very much in advance!

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im the one you drew this for - - tho ive been out of my bolt phase for like nearly two years now x} weird times. your art is still just as lovely as before! heres hoping youre still active and that you may see this ^.^ but yes hello once again :}
CaptainMango Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014
*tackles with love* I misssss youuu
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how you been? how you doin? whatcha been up to???
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